Monday, October 29, 2007

Wright Appointed to Existing Industry Post

The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation announces the appointment of Jennifer Wright as Executive Vice President for New and Existing Industry. Wright’s role will be to advocate for existing business and industry and to assist them in various issues that relate their ability to sustain and to grow. She will also serve on the EDC Recruitment Team.

Ms. Wright brings over 15 years of experience in the regional workforce in a variety of roles from human resource management and organizational development to employee relations. Ms. Wright has a unique skill set due to her vast experience with local businesses ranging from small operations to the largest corporations. She has a rich understanding of what small business means to Greater Owensboro’s long-term economic success.

A vast majority of issues affecting existing industry relates to human resources and workforce development. And the majority of new industry and business prospects focus in large part on our region’s ability to grow and attract people. “Ms. Wright’s experience and understanding of the complexities of these issues will contribute greatly to our capacity in these areas,” said Nick Brake, EDC President/CEO. “She will reinvigorate our Existing Industry visitation program.”

Ms. Wright graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Speech and Organizational Communication. She is an expert facilitator with numerous training certifications. She is frequently invited to lead planning and decision-making groups at the regional, state, and national level. Her employment will begin on January 1.

“It is certainly an exciting time for economic development in our community,” said Wright. “I am delighted to join the team of professionals at the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation and I look forward to serving the needs of Business and Industry in our area.”

The existing industry position was previously occupied by John Sansom who recently announced his intent to pursue a seminary education.

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