Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation (GO-EDC) and Kentucky Bioprocessing, LLC (KBP) today announced the relocation of Intrucept Biomedicine, LLC from Vacaville, CA to Owensboro, KY.

Intrucept Biomedicine is a product-focused enterprise whose mission is to discover and develop novel antiviral biotherapeutics.

In 2006, Intrucept Biomedicine obtained a commercial license from the National Institutes of Health to a plant-derived, broad-spectrum antiviral protein that is one of the most potent antivirals known and can be readily produced using plant-based biomanufacturing at Kentucky Bioprocessing.

Intrucept is the first Owensboro-based company to qualify for state funding through Emerging Ventures, the new Owensboro Office of the Central Region Innovation and Commercialization Center. The funds will qualify them for the new Emerging Ventures Fund, created by the Owensboro City Commission as a seed capital fund to entice technology-based companies like Intrucept to locate in Owensboro.

"We looked literally all over the world and Kentucky Bioprocessing in Owensboro is the most cost effective and best technology for the drugs we are producing," said Dr. Daniel Tusé the managing director for corporate development at Intrucept.

"Owensboro can succeed in creating a cluster of companies focusing on the utilization of our strengths, plant pharmaceuticals and plant-based natural products," said EDC President Nick Brake. "In these areas between KBP, the Owensboro Cancer Research Program and the partnership with the University of Louisville, and our regional agriculture community, we have a competitive advantage not found anywhere else."

“We are not looking to just recruit a company, we are trying to create an entire industry in plant natural products around the asset of Kentucky Bioprocessing,” said Hugh Haydon, Chairman of Kentucky Bioprocessing.

Intrucept is the second California-based plant pharmaceutical company to announce a location in Owensboro in the past six months. In October, San Diego-based Mapp Biopharmaceutical relocated part of its operation to the KBP campus.

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