Saturday, June 21, 2008

As BIO Concludes Focus Shifts to Next Steps for Biotech in Owensboro

The BIO conference came to an end yesterday in San Diego. In concluding reflections on the progress made in the life science sector over the past two years in Owensboro, the following are some implementation steps for the coming years:

1. Centre for Business and Research- an announcement is forthcoming for a 40,000 square foot research and business park facility to meet the growing demand for lab, research, and high technology company space. It would also allow the growth of university level applied research and further cultivate high technology companies through the Emerging Ventures Center for Innovation.

2. Place Making- GO- EDC will embark on an effort to improve the entrepreneurial climate of the region and promote the development of quality of life amenities to assist in the recruitment of young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and life science companies are attracted to infrastructure and amenities. During the past two years we have built a competitive infrastructure to attract entrepreneurs and their companies. It is now time to focus on amenities and quality of life factors.

3. Green Innovation Network- Nurture the Northwest Kentucky Green partnership with regional economic development agencies to expand the scope and area to include other counties in the region focusing on high tech development in the life sciences and include developments in alternative energy. Such a structure would enable the region to better compete for funding and enlarge the political support for the efforts of this plan at the state and national levels.

4. Explore Other Life Science Areas- Through the expansion of OMHS, efforts will be made to explore other areas in the life sciences for potential economic growth and development in the Owensboro region. Developments to explore include: bioinformatics, medical devises, and alternative energy.

5. Build Support and Seek State Funding for the expansion of programs to support life science and entrepreneurial development in the Owensboro area and statewide. The success of the past week, with Governor Beshear and members of his staff attending KBP events in San Diego, help distinguish Owensboro as a nucleus of Kentucky's life science industry.

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