Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peabody, Conoco Phillips Partnership Will Create 500 Jobs in Muhlenberg County

At a time when energy is among the top concerns in America, Peabody and ConocoPhillips are developing a project to produce clean energy from secure, domestic sources. The Kentucky NewGas Energy Center would use proven technology, which would minimize environmental impacts and comply with regulatory standards to protect the environment.

Kentucky NewGas combines the strengths of Peabody and ConocoPhillips to produce pipeline quality natural gas, just like we use to heat our homes, prepare our meals and power our lives. The ConocoPhillips E-Gas™ technology creates natural gas from coal through a conversion process called “gasification.”

Coal gasification is a proven process that has been used by a number of industries for more than 100 years. Kentucky NewGas is a multi-billion dollar project in Muhlenberg County that would create new jobs and provide a major economic benefit to the region and the state. 

The project would create 1,200 jobs during the four-year construction period and over 500 long-term, high paying jobs.  It will provide up to $100 million annually in local and state economic impact through wages, taxes and other benefits.  The success of this facility may lead to additional projects that could combine the capabilities of ConocoPhillips and Peabody.

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