Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Theater Degree has Value in the Business World

We received some very interesting feedback from a business leader and employer in Owensboro regarding the new collaborative Bachelor of Arts in Theater announced last week.  The program is a partnership between the RiverPark Center, Brescia University, Kentucky Wesleyan College, and the Owensboro Community and Technical College.  

The business leader's feedback is as follows:  "I have a friend in Indianapolis with a very fast growing sales business.  His favorite place to recruit his salespeople is Theatre Arts Majors.  They treat the sales job as a role and are able to do exactly what they are told to do.  Many are making $50-$100k working for him part time and can still pursue their acting careers.  I will be a recruiter of the graduates." 

There is too often a perception that an applicant for a position in business must have a business degree, when in fact employers may be looking more demonstrated skills and abilities that they need.  Sounds like, at least from the words of one business leader that a degree in Theater has value way beyond the field of arts and entertainment. 

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