Monday, September 13, 2010

Efforts to Revitalize Owensboro Getting Noticed

Veteran economic development consultant and expert Ed Morrison with the Purdue Center for Regional Development cited the rebuilding of Owensboro on his EDPro Blog that is a staple for economic development professionals and site selectors.

Morrison's entry from September 5 follows:

"Over the past two decades, Owensboro, Kentucky has quietly been putting itself on the map. An urban design firm, engaged in redesigning the Owensboro downtown, provides a look inside the process. Out of the decline of the past, Owensboro has been designing around a new narrative:

The slow death of the Executive Inn ushered in a new era of culture in Owensboro with a nationally recognized symphony, an “off-Broadway” River Park Performing Arts Center, and a new reputation for festivals including the nationally recognized Mystery Writers’ Festival.

If you work in a smaller city and are looking for a good model to follow, put Owensboro on your list to visit."

Visit the EDPro Blog by clicking here.

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