Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farmers Market Moving Downtown

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The farmers market in Owensboro may move to a new location that officials say will make it more convenient and provide a better shopping experience.

The same consultants conducting a feasibility study on the Bluegrass Museum will also make a site plan on moving the Farmer's Market Downtown.

City leaders say they are looking into having the market on the north end of the state office building property.

One idea is to build a long pavilion with a canopy. County officials discussed funding the project $25,000 to get electricity and water lines to the facility once built.

Other funding will come from the state and ag-extension agency. The industrial development authority believes moving the farmer's market downtown will draw big crowds and become an asset to downtown's environment.

Many shoppers say the market's current location on old Hartford road is too far away.

Owensboro resident Shawn McHenry says, "It's kind of far out and it's really not accessible to a lot of people here in town and I think downtown it's on more of a bus route and for people that can walk can get to it."

Owensboro resident John Storm says, "I live on third street so it's not that far from my house anyway so it would be a great location for me."

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