Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Flights to Cincinnati Connects Greater Owensboro to Global Marketplace

Commercial air service returns to Owensboro today with daily flights to the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport. Cincinnati is a great gateway for flights to all corners of the United States and a large selection of international flights as well.

As airport manager Tim Bradshaw said, quality air connections are critical to any community that wants to achieve in the global marketplace. Delta Connection flights to and from Cincinnati offer those connections for the Greater Owensboro region.

The connection is critical for many of the Owensboro-based office headquarters and professional service operations, such as Southern Star, Texas Gas, and U.S. Bank, which do business regularly with operations in other U.S. cities.

We hope that Big Sky Airlines will pledge to provide the most convenient times as possible for connections to maximize the efficiency of business travelers out of Owensboro. This added convenience will make the Cincinnati Delta connection a significant advantage for the region in serving the needs of existing employers and at the same time making it very attractive to back office headquarters, professional service companies, and entrepreneurs alike looking to make Owensboro the home to their business.

The airport is also preparing to open its runway extension. Once the extension is complete Owensboro’s 8,000 foot runway will be the third longest in Kentucky, behind Louisville and Cincinnati.

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