Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Globally competitive high schools key to Owensboro's economic future

The EDC is announcing a partnership with local school districts to provide additional options for local students in many of the job areas most in demand in the local economy, such as health care, advanced manufacturing, and the life sciences.  

The initiative will create new tools for the future of Owensboro’s workforce-- multi-district academies in the life sciences, engineering, entrepreneurship, and the arts--  to complement existing high schools.  These programs will better engage kids and prepare them to be successful in the workforce of the future.  

"The high school is now the frontline in America’s and Owensboro’s battle to remain competitive on the international economic stage," said EDC President Nick Brake.  "This multi-district 'one big campus' approach  will complement each of our existing high schools while creating alternatives for students to better meet their needs and the needs of our region.  We need to complete globally not locally."

"These 21st Century Academies, aligned to regional workforce needs, will be a great enhancement of our already exceptional high school programs," said Brake. 

For more information about this initiative, please visit the following link on the EDC website http://edc.owensboro.com/_documents/communitydrivengloballycompetitivehs.pdf


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