Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hilton"s Hampton Inn and Suites Right Flag for the Downtown Owensboro Hotel

The selection of Owensboro developer Malcolm Bryant Corp. by the EDC as the "preferred developer" for the new downtown hotel will bring a Hilton property downtown linked to the newly planned multi-purpose events and convention center at the corner of Second and Frederica streets.  

The developer and Hilton are suggesting a Hampton Inn and Suites, not to be confused with the Hampton Inn property already in Owensboro located near the By-Pass on Salem Drive.  The Hampton Inn and Suites is a more upscale model than the more suburban-oriented Hampton Inn and a growing mid-market urban brand-- which best fits downtown Owensboro market.   Why a Hampton Inn and Suites?  There are several compelling reasons that were reviewed by the committee which evaluated the downtown hotel proposals.

  1. Hampton Inn and Suites is a growing brand in the mid-market inventory of Hilton properties that fit the Owensboro market better than other Hilton properties.  
  2. The Hampton Inn and Suites is a flexible brand that is an up-and-coming urban hotel found in locations like Beale Street in Memphis, the French Quarter in New Orleans, the Theater District in Chicago, and  in New York City.  It is also becoming a popular link to smaller scale convention or entertainment-oriented properties in cities like Owensboro.  The Hilton Garden Inn, another Hilton brand under consideration, did not offer the same flexibility and urban-amenities, such as the up-scale restaurant planned for the Hampton property.  Take a look at some of the following urban Hampton Inn and Suites, click on "tour hotel."   Beale Street in Memphis:;jsessionid=CCIERWKT4T5MQCSGBJC4LYQ?ctyhocn=MEMPBHX&WT.mc_id=1HX2RE3Hotel4OneTagSol   Downtown Boise:  New York:
  3. As a Hilton property, Hampton Inn and Suites is part of the Hilton Honors program, which is an important perk for business and other regular travelers to earn points through the network of all Hilton properties worldwide.  This is an advantage not offered at the Executive Inn, since it was not linked to a national chain of hotels.  

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