Monday, April 14, 2008

“Coworking” places for the budding entrepreneur in Owensboro

Two locations in Downtown Owensboro, The Creme` and Emerging Ventures, are part of a cutting edge contemporary model for job creation. Here’s how:

A majority of big businesses come from small businesses, and small businesses are started by entrepreneurs... from their homes. But there are limitations to working from home, no human interaction, no place for meetings, no escape from spending most of your life at home.

"Coworking" sites are an emerging trend for a new pattern for working. Typically work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel frequently end up working in an isolated way. Wikipedia calls coworking "the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space." (

Often times, coffeehouses with free WiFi have become preferred locations for coworking. Starbucks has found enormous success as a "third space" attracting this type of activity. In addition to Starbucks, Owensboro has two new downtown locations that are attractive "third spaces" for professionals or independent contactors to gather, both have free WiFi and a creative atmosphere found in larger urban areas. The Creme,` located on Second Street, is the new downtown coffeehouse that opened last week. The free WiFi, comfortable atmosphere, and good food and coffee will be a hit, especially when the outdoor courtyard opens just in time for the nice weather.

The second location is the Emerging Ventures Center on the third floor of the Commerce Center on Third Street. The Center, which is linked to the Kentucky Innovation and Commercialization framework and hosts the Owensboro Small Business Development Center and SCORE, has ample space for entrepreneurs to meet and work with free WiFi, a high-tech conference room and ample resources, including business counselors ready to assist.

As the community-wide "Place Making" strategy begins to develop, look for more opportunities to promote "coworking" and third spaces such as The Creme` and Emerging Ventures.

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