Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Place Making Strategy on You Tube

The Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corp. in conjunction with the Downtown Development Authority have proposed an aggressive planning process for the future of the region. The “Economic Development through Place Making” initiative will help make Owensboro competitive in the race for talent and investment in the coming years. Click the following link to see the video about the initiative on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xVReGyrda4

Work of this level of expertise and scope has never done before in our community. When complete, this initiative will present a step-by-step guide for revitalizing downtown and promoting other growth corridors through:

  • New pro-growth policies and incentives
  • Comprehensive regulatory and code reform
  • New design and venues with fiscal guidance as to how to leverage public funds for certain projects that can make them a catalyst for future growth

The key to future economic vitality for the next 20 years, for over 20 million people from families and young professionals to retiring baby boomers is livability. Place Making is a strategy that communities are using to promote livability. Attracting people with attractive places! A central feature of this is downtown development, but the approach deals with other growth corridors around the region.

This initiative will bring a high level of professional expertise through a customized team to work with our community, with a perfect blend of local, regional, national, and international talent. The strategy will integrate these areas to our downtown and growth corridors

  • Linking Riverfront development project to downtown
  • Live/work and mixed-use development

  • Entertainment, residential, and retail venues blending into downtown as an “urban destination.”

This was the number one recommendation from We the People. It is also a central theme of the City of Owensboro Strategic Vision—all around it is a recognized community priority.

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