Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hines Group Consolidation and Expansion Creates an Opportunity to Market 150,000 Square Foot Building in the Airpark

The Hines Group plans to expand its Premium Allied Tool plant in Philpot so it can consolidate operations there with its Owensboro Manufacturing plant. The move in-and-of-itself is good news for the community because of the jobs and the important role this firm has played over the years in our regional economy.

This consolidation will also lead to an opportunity to market the 152,000-square-foot Owensboro Manufacturing plant and its 25 acres in the Mid America Airpark.

The building, originally constructed in 1998 with an addition in 2002, was designed for metal
fabrication manufacturing and has been used for that purpose for the past 10 years. The building
is constructed of steel framing, steel siding, and low pitch gable roofing, with a brick finish
identifying the primary administrative portion of the facility. The manufacturing and production
areas of the facility are approximately 140,000 square-feet, and the remaining approximate 12,000 square-feet is designed for clerical and administrative use. Because of its design and construction, this building offers considerable versatility and changes can easily be made to accommodate the precise needs of a variety of manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution organizations.
The manufacturing and production areas of the building have concrete floors, some 12” thick. The walls are 8’ steel sandwich and unfinished, and the ceilings are 22’ CH to eaves with vinyl faced insulation. There are eleven (11) loading docks, sizes 30’x50’ typical, 60’x50’. Sodium vapor and some metal halide lighting illuminates this area of the structure. This area includes second level office space, several specialty production rooms, a large break room,
multiple restrooms, and adequate closet space. The warehouse and manufacturing areas, like the office areas, offer complete climate control with air conditioning andheating systems.

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